Aston Martin/Davron Competitionsuspension:

  • Front (Coil over) & Rear 25 Way Adjustable Leda Dampers
  • Front & Rear Competition Sway bar and Springs
  • Custom made Bogart Racing Wheels 17×9
  • Yokomaha 255/40/ZR17 A032R tires (Hard compound)

The new fuel problem worked perfectly allowing for all 8 sessions to be driven.

To provide better cooling, larger (19 row) oil coolers were installed instead of the orginal 13 row. Competition fuel was also use to help cooling the engine.

As expected, the handling was excellent. Saturday’s sessions were driven in 4th gear (and 5th in the long straight away) to get familiar with the “Clockwise” track. This was enough to lap as fast as new M3 (which is 1,000 lbs less and as much Horsepower).

Sunday’s sessions were driven mostly in 3rd gear (and 4th gear in the long straight reaching 120 mph). This is actually the first time I ever reach 6,200 RPM. Water temperature never increased. Oil temperature reached 105*C after 2nd morning session.

The 300 HP, 4,000 lbs, 27 year old Aston Martin was the second fastest in her group, only passed by Chris and its brain new Subaru WRX STI (competition tires). Even 1,000 lbs less new Porsche Turbo (street tires) couldn’t corner as fast.

The tire ware was high as expected after the October event. After 3 sessions in October and 8 sessions this weekend, the tires were no longer street legal in some places. Therefore according to the instructors, they should allow for several more track events.

On some of the pictures below, you will see some white marks on the tires. This is shoe polish positionned on 90* angle. This is a techniques from the 1960s to look at tire rollover and adjust the tire pressure.